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Stop Bleeding Money And Start Stacking Cash

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Ready to have control over your money AND build the financial skillset (you were NOT taught in school or at home) it takes to create the life you wish you were living RIGHT NOW?

This is not the same old "make a budget" and "live below your means" financial advice you are used to getting.

It's a totally new way of managing your money that's tested and effective.

There will be no suggestions to steal ketchup, spend 26 hours a week slipping coupons, or remove every ounce of luxury from your life in the name of money.

I created this system because I watched my clients, who are all smart and amazing, budget fail over and over again. Then I realized, it's the system.

I built this system for regular people, with busy lives and regular amounts of willpower.

Have you felt like the budget you made was doomed for failure? Partially, because the whole money thing doesn't exactly make sense to you.

Maybe because you don't want to sacrifice everything you love for the sake of money.

And you're feeling a little gun shy about trying and failing again.

Have you had the awful experience of sharing a complaint about your financial life and getting back overly simple, and useless advice?

The shame about it sets in because you make enough money on paper. And you know people who make less money seem to be doing so much better.


Budgets don't work in real life.

1. Budgets are a planning tool, not a control system.

It's all well and good to write down all the things you want to use your money for, but the real trouble comes in actually doing it.

2. Budget blindness occurs at the register.

Your mental accounting system can't keep track of all the moving parts of a household budget, that has 50 or more line items. So when you actually go shopping, the moment that you need the budget the most, you are unclear about what's left to spend.

3. Budgets make cuts in all the wrong places.

Most people don't know this. They sit down on Sunday night with a blank sheet of paper and write their weekly budget. They blow it because of reasons number 1 & 2 above. Then, the guilt about the things they did spend money on sets in.

The Budget System works for a very tiny segment of humanity. People with great self-control that have the time and energy to be organized every single day of the week.

The system I built is for regular people. People who are too busy to run to the bank to fill their cash envelopes. People who don't want another app on their phone. People who just need to know how much they can spend each week and be OK.

When I started problem solving, I helped people make beautiful budgets. The math was good, and the goals accounted for.

But my clients were coming back, showing very little progress. Feeling like a failure, they assumed they lack self-control or are doomed to be bad at money.

I dug a little deeper, not believing a lack of effort was the cause.

This is when I figured out that the Budget System was really just a crappy way of managing money. I started to implement changes to what I gave clients and saw their success increase dramatically. I was teaching them The Invisible System to Stop Bleeding Money & Start Stacking Cash.

The Invisible System to Stop Bleeding Money & Start Stacking Cash changes lives.

Seems like an extreme claim... right? I have proof it's not.

1. Clarity Replaces Confusion, Reducing Stress

"The way I think about money and finances is starting to change. I have more clarity. I'm getting more organized. I'm more on top of stuff. And that in turn means I end up with more money because I'm not making bad decisions and I'm not wasting it... It's all coming together rather than me being stressed and trying not to spend any money all the time. Because that's not sustainable." -Esther, Sheep Turned Shark Watch Her Testimonial

When you have a clear plan everything makes more sense. Making decisions is easier.

2. Less Money "Emergencies"

"When our furnace stopped working... I didn't panic. It didn't upset me. I didn't lose sleep over it. I was like, 'Yep. The guy's going to come in. He's going to fix the furnace and tell us if we need to replace it or repair it...' And it was okay." -Jane, Sheep Turned Shark Watch Her Testimonial

What is an emergency?

Most of the emergencies I've heard about are irregular expenses and maintenance. If you had money, they wouldn't be emergencies. You would pay for them and move on.

It's the lack of money that creates the emergency, not the event. Do you hear me people? It's only an emergency if you need it and don't have the money.

When people start using The Invisible System to Stop Bleeding Money & Start Stacking Cash, they start saving money in a "working capital" account.

Because that's much less dramatic and stressful than thinking your oil bill is an emergency.

The result is less emergencies, less stress and calm decision making.

3. Knowing You Won't Work Until You Die

"I realized through using [The Invisible] System and looking at the System that I can still pay myself first, even if it's a small amount of money... I realized I am more in control than I was before and that I can do the things that I want to do. That I will not have to work until I die was a big 'AHA' moment." -Robin, Sheep Turned Shark Watch Her Testimonial

The Invisible System to Stop Bleeding Money & Start Stacking Cash will help you to start saving money specifically to invest. If you want to be financially independent, then you must employ some of your money. This is easy when you use the Invisible System.

4. Cure Disappearing Money Syndrome

"I always said, 'We don't have the money... we don't have the money. We can't do it, we can't do it.' And then when I looked at the bank statements and saw all these little purchases... then I was like, 'Oh, wait a minute. If we didn't do this and get this, then we actually DO have the money.' Before I was terrified and now I'm more at ease now that I have guidance." -Michelle B., Sheep Turned Shark Watch Her Testimonial

Right now, you have way more money than it feels like. When you are intentional about how and where you use that money, you'll find you are able to go on vacations and do big important things.

5. Guilt Free Spending

"I said when I started that I hate money...I really feel like now I know how much money I have and where it's going. I'm able to have more of a comfort level with it and feel like it's not something that has to control me, but it's something I can control and I can use it to do the things I want to that are important to me and my family." -Michelle, Sheep Turned Shark Watch Her Testimonial

When every aspect of your financial life is in order, or making progress toward order, you can spend money freely and joyfully. This is because you have the calmness of knowing the bills are paid, money in the bank, a life designed based on what's important to you... and money for a latte sans the guilty feeling.


A Cash Flow Management System That Works In The Real World

The Invisible System recognizes that we are all human and imperfect. It works by preparing you to allocate money towards monthly expenses, upcoming expenses, and even the unexpected, all while paying off debt.

7 Strategies to Get Rid of Credit Card Debt Forever

When it comes to debt, it's up to you to research the systems available. These resources are confusing and scattered. I teach you the seven strategies most commonly used. You can then decide which strategy will work best for you and your family.

How to Break the Scarcity Cycle

Believing we don't have enough keeps us from reaching our financial successes. This course includes videos on mindset and activities that aim to break the Scarcity Cycle in your life.

Habits of Self-Made Millionaires

Our daily habits can keep us from reaching financial success. This course includes videos that identify these habits and provides real solutions for ways you can change them.

The Invisible System to Stop Bleeding Money & Start Stacking Cash was designed to be used by actual humans.

Most people want to know, "How much can I spend?' It's a simple question. With The Invisible System to Stop Bleeding Money & Start Stacking Cash the answer is simple, too.

Separating your money by purpose, rather than line item is what makes the Invisible System easy to use. You can keep track of your pocket money, by checking your bank balance. No apps or spreadsheet required.

Cash Envelopes Are A Waste of Time.

The idea of carrying your money around in envelopes is simple and a good idea. The problem happens in the execution. Do you have extra time to run to the bank a few times a week? Or the patience and planning abilities to have all the correct envelopes at the right times?

The Invisible System uses your bank accounts to accomplish the same goal.

By separating your money by purpose and using separate accounts, you can have the same commitment device or "hard stop" without all the extra work. Of course, all the money is yours and you can move it, if you choose to, but there will be no more accidental over-spending.

Automate Your Good Habits

The Invisible System to Stop Bleeding Money & Start Stacking Cash will show you how to automate all your good financial habits. Can you imagine how easy having a healthy lifestyle would be if you could food-prep once?

Luckily, with money, your payroll company and bank are able to set systems in place for you. Saving automatically is the best way to have success because it's painless. You get the benefit of great habits, even though you just set the automation in place, and let the work happen for you.

Systems Make It EASY To Maintain

People are always worried, "What if I buy this and don't keep up with it?" It's a legitimate concern and the one of the reasons that budgets and cash envelopes fail!

The Invisible System is easy to maintain because you will implement systems. Systems reduce the mental load, making money less stressful. Systems make it easy to know what bills get paid with what money. You won't miss anything from now on.

Easy & Forever Access

The course is delivered in an online format that is accessible from your computer or mobile device. Once you buy The Invisible System the course and materials are yours forever. There is no time limit to complete the course.

You Get Help Along The Way

I know money is tricky and workable solutions are nuanced. The program is so valuable because The Invisible System can be tailored to fit your needs and situation. You get access to me, Brie Sodano, in a private Facebook group for a full 12 weeks. I want to be sure you are successful and will offer the help and guidance you need.

Financial Confidence Feels Amazing

There is something very satisfying to be in control of your money. A sense of security and ease builds with your "Working Capital" account. Knowing what money is going where, how much you can spend freely and that your debt is going down feels good. Don't wait, or struggle with money any more.

Plan That Vacation

When you have control over your money and you are calling the shots, something really cool happens. You get to do the things you want. Lots of families are missing the opportunity to travel because they have disappearing money syndrome. This system ensures that you put money aside for the important things. Once in place, you can start planning that vacation you said you'd never be able to afford.

Get Rid Of Debt Once And For All

People stay in debt because they use all of their free cash flow to pay off debt. Then, when something unexpected hits, they are right back to the credit card because they don't have money saved. This system will teach you which strategy to use to pay off your debt, while saving enough money to avoid using the cards again.

Some people think it's crazy to spend money to fix a money problem.

I get it, the idea is counterintuitive.

Here's why investing in financial education is worth it.

First, the stakes are high.

Money effects (almost) every decision you make every day. The ability to control your money is directly related to your whole life well being.

Second, this $hit is NOT common sense.

The financial system is complicated. If you understand how it works, you are able to navigate and manipulate the results you get.

Third, the common sense wisdom is NOT a game plan that works.

78% of Americans report living paycheck to paycheck. 69% have credit card debt and less than half of people older than 55 have money saved for retirement.

If "live below your means" and "stop buying coffee" was solid advice, these statistics wouldn't be so.

Fourth, it's cheaper to get a solution than pay for the problem.

The cost of the program is probably less than what you "bleed" every month, so when you think about the cost of the problem... the cost of the solution is cheaper. Plus, way less trouble and you get support and guidance as you implement.

Imagine that you have a beautiful garden whose vegetables feed your family. You use the water from your well. You go to the well, lower your old leaky rusty bucket, pull up a full looking pail, and carry the water to your plants.

But a good portion of the water ends up gone before you get to the garden. It splashed out a little at a time. The leaky bucket is the problem, even though it seems like you don't have enough water.

The more trips you take, the more water that goes missing.

The bigger the garden, the more trips you have to take. The water never seem to last long enough. You always need just a little more. You can never get ahead of the work. It's exhausting and maybe you owe your neighbor a bucket of water every day. There never seems to be enough water or time to get more.

Is it worth it to invest in a bucket that doesn't leak? Yes, it is.

You can take less trips, have more successful crops, and feed your family well.

The farms that have solid buckets, good crops and irrigation systems get richer and richer. They send their kids to the best farming schools, they can afford the best equipment and can survive a lean season.

The farmer that can't afford to fix the bucket gets poorer and poorer. They are busy, broke and exhausted.

The new bucket isn't a scam. And if you could have fixed the bucket on your own, you would have done it already.

Your Instructor


Brie Sodano began her career as a financial advisor for Edward Jones, one of the largest and most respected investment firms in America, and recently founded her own financial planning firm, From Sheep to Shark.

“I like to work with ladies who want to be sharks,” Brie says, describing clients as women who aspire to succeed financially by overcoming barriers they encounter in the workplace, sometimes in personal or family relationships, and often when trying to balancing the demands of time and money.

A “shark,” Brie explains, is a woman who “wants money to work for her, knows it is possible, and is open to learning how!”

Brie helps clients learn to accurately assess beliefs about money that affect the way they behave, how to identify and implement solutions to the “disappearing money syndrome,” how to get actions to align with goals, and how to embrace habits that build wealth.

Her successful strategies for transforming From Sheep to Shark come from personal experience.

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