Ditch the "Never Enough Money" Mentality

One of my most popular trainings, PLENTY: DITCH THE NEVER ENOUGH MONEY MENTALITY, shows how a bad money mindset sabotages your money efforts. I studied my clients to find out how Scarcity effects the actual transactions. In this 1 hour training, you will learn the crazy ways your brain tricks you into getting rid of your money and how to stop! Just $27!

"I can confidently say that Plenty has saved me more than $500 in the last month. My soul and sanity have also improved, as has my relationship with my husband over financial matters."

- Jami, Shark School Alumnus

Your Instructor


Brie Sodano began her career as a financial advisor for Edward Jones, one of the largest and most respected investment firms in America, and recently founded her own financial planning firm, From Sheep to Shark.

“I like to work with ladies who want to be sharks,” Brie says, describing clients as women who aspire to succeed financially by overcoming barriers they encounter in the workplace, sometimes in personal or family relationships, and often when trying to balancing the demands of time and money.

A “shark,” Brie explains, is a woman who “wants money to work for her, knows it is possible, and is open to learning how!”

Brie helps clients learn to accurately assess beliefs about money that affect the way they behave, how to identify and implement solutions to the “disappearing money syndrome,” how to get actions to align with goals, and how to embrace habits that build wealth.

Her successful strategies for transforming From Sheep to Shark come from personal experience.

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  Plenty: Ditch The 'Never Enough Money' Mentality
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