Earnings Evolution

Target The Real Issues of Underearning

Earnings Evolution was designed to tackle the mindset issues behind underearning. Often, we undervalue ourselves, therefore, we aren't earning to our true potential. These issues are rooted deep into our psyche and we chase certificates and degrees to earn more while everything we needed was already within our reach.

Tackle Your Limiting Beliefs

The Limiting Beliefs we hold onto prevent us from believing we can attain our desires. Together we will break down those beliefs to get at the heart of what it is you really want and how much it really will cost you.

Be Confident in Your Resources

Everything you need to take that next step might already be within your reach. It's just a matter of knowing which resources we should be tapping into and finding those we are missing.

Negotiate Salary Like A Pro

We aren't taught how to negotiate our salaries. I can't tell you how many clients accept the first offer even when they know they should be offered more. I'll break down what you need to know so you're prepared to negotiate what you want when the time comes.

This course includes 3 hours of video content and over 60 pages of worksheets to help you navigate the mindset work. You'll learn to break down the beliefs you hold surrounding your worth and strategies for building a community to support and achieve your salary goals.

Module 1: Understanding Underearners

  • 10 tendencies of underearners
  • What is holding you back
  • How to breakdown limiting beliefs
  • Set goals for your financial future

Module 2: Telling the Truth

  • Confront what's really holding you back
  • Tackle tough topics like, money, career, and relationships
  • Your true desires and why you can have them
  • How to make the change to put things in motion

Module 3: Making Decisions

  • Identify how much it would take to live the life you want
  • Overcome mental blocks that prevent you from getting what you desire
  • Evaluate what you already have to offer
  • Discover what else it is that you need (you might have it all already!)

Module 4: Stretching Your Comfort Zone

  • Tackle the impossible
  • Recognize your worth
  • Analyze the beliefs that are still holding you back
  • Learn the 10 Flavors of Resistance and how to overcome them

Module 5: Building Your Tribe

  • How to evaluate the people around you
  • How to network towards your goals and desires
  • The type of investment you should be making (and it's not more certificates or degrees)

Module 6: Getting Intimate with Your Money

  • Learn to trust your money
  • Evaluate your relationship with money
  • The best exercise for making that final commitment with your money

Bonus: The Art of Making A Deal

  • Identify what you want (and what you don't want)
  • How to get clear on what you are going to ask for
  • How to support your worth

Bonus: Negotiating Salary

  • How to negotiate your way to the salary you deserve

Your Instructor


Brie Sodano began her career as a financial advisor for Edward Jones, one of the largest and most respected investment firms in America, and recently founded her own financial planning firm, From Sheep to Shark.

“I like to work with ladies who want to be sharks,” Brie says, describing clients as women who aspire to succeed financially by overcoming barriers they encounter in the workplace, sometimes in personal or family relationships, and often when trying to balancing the demands of time and money.

A “shark,” Brie explains, is a woman who “wants money to work for her, knows it is possible, and is open to learning how!”

Brie helps clients learn to accurately assess beliefs about money that affect the way they behave, how to identify and implement solutions to the “disappearing money syndrome,” how to get actions to align with goals, and how to embrace habits that build wealth.

Her successful strategies for transforming From Sheep to Shark come from personal experience.

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